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Our fur babies are special to us from the beginning when we decide who to bring into our family and home. They find a way to nestle into our homes and into our hearts.  So as with everything in life, when things don’t always go to plan and our fur babies aren’t their best, it worries us just like it would any other family member. The only difference is that our pets never become self-sufficient, they rely on us for everything throughout their whole life. We want to support them to lead healthier and happier lives.

That's what Paws Connect is all about.

We don’t replace your Vet; they are an incredibly important part of your pet’s wellbeing.

Paws Connect is a pet wellbeing concept centre supporting happier and healthier lives for our pets.

We offer alternative options to support a pet's wellbeing with Specialist Practitioners (in a range of natural therapies), a Hydrotherapy Treadmill and a retail store.

At Paws Connect we are passionate about reducing our environmental paw print, and having a positive social impact.

Key focus areas are:

  • Calming pets

  • Caring for ageing pets

  • Hydrotherapy Treadmill

  • Pet Owner Workshops

  • Promoting skin integrity

  • Supporting pet mobility

  • Travelling safely with pets

You won’t find pet food at Paws Connect, we leave that to others who do an exceptional job and we are happy to recommend you onto places that will look after your needs.

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We look forward to seeing you at Paws Connect