Our Story

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Jazz was a special ‘fur baby’, but don’t all of us pet owners say the same thing. We make them part of our family and want them to experience a long, pain free, stress free life like we aspire to do. 
Jazz was a boxer and one that liked to run, jump, leap and explore. 
Unfortunately, at an early age she developed a number of conditions that made her life miserable and she continued to add to this list of conditions as she grew older.

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Suddenly it dawned on me, if she was a ‘human’ child of mine I would seek out complementary therapies and products to help her have a better quality of life. 

Through this journey I was introduced to some great animal health practitioners. Jazz lived a quality of life for her nine years that wouldn’t have been possible without those supportive therapies.

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What it meant for me as her ‘carer’ was a lot of research, networking and running around to seek out the different practitioners and products to help her. 
This wasn’t easy in our busy world and it also wasn’t easy for these providers to find places other than their own home and / or mine in which to operate

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Making that final decision to say goodbye was one of the hardest decisions of my life.  As ‘pet parents’ we struggle with this massive decision and then how to go about celebrating and honouring their life.


Paws Connect is about supporting your pet’s wellbeing and quality of life and does not replace the valuable services and care our Vets provide. It is also a place to support ‘pet parents’ as they navigate through their pet's wellbeing journey.

RIP Jazzy Girl & Archie Boysey