Animal Naturopathy

The following post is courtesy of Sue Martin, our animal naturopath. Sue is available Mondays at Paws Connect. Call to book your appointment today!

So excited to be gifted Mullein (Verbascum) to add to my herbal medicine garden. A demulcent herb which is often used to soothe and relax irritating respiratory conditions, it’s also used as a diuretic and mild sedative and much much more. This is one I often include for respiratory conditions of dogs and horses….however because Naturopathy always looks at the big picture, first up we check where the animal lives. Is the horse in a poorly ventilated stable or eating from the core of a round bale and is the dog in a dusty kennel or run? Environment, diet and lifestyle are key factors and then if needed the herbs are prescribed. We are so close to releasing our new range of pure extracts…….can’t wait to share them with you!

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