Flooring and your dog

The following post is courtesy of Sue Martin. Does your dog suffer from arthritis, joint problems or musculoskeletal discomfort? If most of your dog’s time is spent inside on polished flooring, lino or tiles….this may be an enormous contributing factor. If your dog is unable to grip the floor when getting up after sleeping or moving throughout the home, then the compensation that occurs as a result means that your dog’s posture and gait will be causing problems. Solutions include placing rugs or carpet runners throughout the house . If your dog lives in a home with polished floors and seems to cope okay…consider taking action now, because sometimes these issues creep up and may not be noticeable to you, but is slowly weakening your dog.

If you and your dog have polished flooring, then why not book an appointment with one of our talented practitioners today. Your dog will love you for it!

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