Sue Martin is available Fridays at Paws Connect. Please call to book your appointment.

Naturopathy is a form of medicine that is based on the theory that dis-ease can be prevented or treated via numerous modalities that focus on a wholistic approach.

An example of a Naturopathy consultation with your dog would include diet (does your dogs diet meet it’s nutritional needs), musculo-skeletal dysfunction/ treatment and rehab exercises, environment, lifestyle, demeanour and a plan moving forward to ensure your dog is happy and healthy long term. If your dog needs herbal support, a formula will be blended specifically for each individual.

A Naturopathic consult will usually take 45 minutes to an hour to ensure any concerns are covered in detail.

Paws Connect is Australia’s first pet wellbeing concept centre supporting happier, healthier lives for our pets.

We offer alternative options to support a pet’s wellbeing with specialist practitioners, a hydrotherapy treadmill and a retail store.

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