Naturopath and the Burdock Plant

The following is posted with the kind permission of our animal naturopath Sue Martin. Sue is available Fridays at Paws Connect. Please phone to book your appointment.

Can you see the Burdock plant behind Eli?

If you have ever used any of our herbal formulas for your dogs or horses….you may have noticed burdock root listed in the ingredients.

Used in both Chinese and Herbal Medicine the root is used for its antibacterial properties to fight infections, it’s in all of our blood cleansing and Sarcoid formulas.

It’s often used to ease symptoms associated with diabetes, is a great herb to use to ease arthritic/joint pain and is also a diuretic.

If your dog or horse suffers from itchy, irritated skin, this herb will work on the inside while the results will show externally with a glossy healthy skin and coat.

A study in 2016 found that burdock may also slow the growth of certain tumours.

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