Caroline’s help, caring and wisdom have been a huge support for me and all my foster and adopted dogs for about 14 years. My current much-loved furry friend Cairo has benefited greatly from regular Craniosacral and NES treatments along with Caroline’s advice for 12 years. At almost 13 years of age, he’s playing and running like a pup, despite a luxating knee cap and various other issues. I’m a huge fan of Caroline and her work. Her genuine concern for all animals never ceases to amaze me.

DANI SIMMONDS Dani’s knowledge of homeopathic remedies, her animal wisdom, kindness and support helped my darling border collie cross Claude and me through a very sad and difficult time about 15 years ago. I was thrilled to learn that Dani will be part of the team at Paws Connect. Her skills and compassion are going to be of great benefit to all her clients, the 2 and 4 legged ones alike.

SUE MARTIN Sue’s kind, patient and gentle nature along with her understanding of canine anatomy and temperament helped me get so much out of the canine myofunctional therapy course she taught in around 2008. It was great to see that Sue is on the Paws Connect team, her beautiful energy and caring nature will be much appreciated by everyone.

Ingrid, Melbourne

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