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Dog Coats

Have you ever come home with the most beautiful dog coat to find it doesn’t fit your fur baby properly? 

Our Dog Coats….

  • Are custom made to snuggly fit your dog’s unique physique to ensure your fur babies are warm during cold winters and won’t catch on things and annoy them.

  • Available in three different styles & different fabrics

  • Made from comfy warm polar fleece

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Pet Toys

Have you bought multiple toys for your pups only to find your home turned into a synthetic white winter wonderland?

Our Dog Toys….

  • Won’t turn your home into a white winter wonderland

  • Made from non-toxic natural fibres like wool and cotton

Reducing our environmental paw print by using upcycled materials. 

Both our Dog Coats and Pet Toys are socially responsible, and are made here in Melbourne, supporting local artisans.

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Special Occasions

We have a team who can organise your special event in conjunctions with local pet friendly venues, catered with delicious homemade meals, treats and cakes.

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Travelling With Pets

Do you like taking your pet with you, either on outings or on a longer holiday?
Then we have the products for you. We know you want to keep your pet safe and have everything you might need on hand when you take them out and about including car harnesses, pet calming sprays, pet first aid kit and more.

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Wearable Art

Fancy a little bling for your fur baby? Maybe it’s a special occasion? We have custom made beautiful wearable art and artisan pieces for your fur baby.
Our Wearable Art….
Is socially responsible, made either locally here in Australia or supporting artisan women overseas


Do you have leftover pet apparel or products that you would like to see go to a good home? At Paws Connect we support the charity, Pets Of The Homeless. It’s just so important for our homeless people to have their best friend with them, and often it’s a choice between feeding themselves or feeding their pet. So at Paws Connect we have a basket ready to receive anything you would like to pass on to Pets Of The Homeless.