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Calming Pets

Is your pet anxious? Do they display fight, flight, freeze or appease behaviour when exposed to something unusual or new? When you leave your home, do you come home to an unexpected rearrangement of your back yard or to a very distressed pet? This is where Paws Connect may be able to help.


Caring For Ageing Pets

Are you watching your pet age, getting slower and potentially in pain? What we offer at Paws Connect are various services and products that can help them, and you navigate this time

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Hydrotherapy: Pet Mobility & Fitness 

Is your pet having mobility issues? At Paws Connect we have a hydrotherapy treadmill to help enhance your pet's mobility.  Hydrotherapy is also excellent for helping to build fitness, or as part of a weight reduction program.

For more information on hydrotherapy please watch


Promoting Skin Integrity

Does your pet suffer from a skin issue or are they scratching a lot? At Paws Connect we can help to soothe and help manage your pet’s skin conditions.

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Travelling Safely With Pets

Do you like taking your pet with you, either on outings or on a longer holiday?
We know you want to keep your pet safe and we can provide products you might need on hand when you take them out and about.


Sometimes it won’t just be one solution but a combination of services and products that  will best help your pet. Let our expert practitioners guide you through the best option(s),